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Tasting Notes

When you taste this cheese you will notice the very complex flavour profile of the cheese. This comes from lactic fermentation of the milk and the geotrichum. It has a creamy texture and amazing depth of flavour: nutty, citrusy and full bodied.


About Holy Goat

Owners and full time workers on the farm are Ann-Marie Monda and Carla Meurs who have an Ag Science Degree and teaching Degree respectively. They spent one year overseas and a further two years in Australia working on farms to hone their skills & knowledge as farmers and cheesemakers.


Their driving force is reflected in their philosophy of life. Farming and living with a goat herd, nurturing the environment, learning new ways to look after their herd, creating new cheeses, and growing their team.


Each of their cheeses has a unique pedigree, just like their goats. They come from 3 families of the Fresh Curd, Rind Ripened and Washed Rind.


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La Luna (150g)

100 Grams
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