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The Anatomy of RIPE Toastie

RIPE cheesemongers have created the perfect triple-cheese Toastie, filled with gooey mozzarella, tasty vintage cheddar, a smear of blue and caramelised champagne leeks on sourdough bread. 

“When I came to Melbourne a decade ago to study marketing, I discovered the cheese toastie. But I always felt it lacked flavour and balance. So when I got into the cheese business, my mission was to create a delicious, flavoursome toastie with the right blend of different styles of cheese and bread. We launched it at the Holey Cheese Festival 2019 and people were running up to me saying it was the best thing they have ever eaten. That completely made my day!” - Hakim, Cheesemonger

We hope you will enjoy our toasties just as much we have enjoyed creating them! As we are a small shop, we are only able to make limited amount of toasties per day. So come down to the shop early to avoid disappointment. 

Warnambool Butter

Bitey Vintage Cheddar

Caramelised Champagne Leeks

Oozy Gooey




A Smear of Blue

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