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Roquefort? Tallegio? Comte? Gorgonzola? No thanks!

Iconic European cheese that you WILL NOT find at RIPE. We are exclusively Aussie, and we intend to offer only the best cheese, crackers and condiments that this amazing country has to offer. People say that we're setting ourselves a huge challenge to find only the best Australian cheese, but life isn't fun when it's too easy. 


RIPE is co-owned and helmed by Singapore-born cheesemonger Hakim, who has called Australia home for the past 10 years. A digital marketer by trade and lover of all things food, he spent time in the food industry before joining Bill's Farm at the Queen Vic Market to manage their award-winning cheese range.


Oh, he is also lactose intolerant! Goes to show that life is too short to not enjoy cheese.

RIPE will have more than 50 varieties of Australian cheese, with more than half the products locally made in Victoria while the rest are produced in neighbouring states. One of our core philosophies is to ensure cheese continues to be made from Australian milk and to therefore support Australia's dairy industry and family-owned, artisan cheesemakers.


We have also created (what we think) is Melbourne's best triple-cheese "Toastie"and beautifully paired it with some refreshing beverages from Melbourne's own, Emma and Tom's. 

At RIPE, we strive to offer you the perfect cheese, at the perfect time, for the perfect occasion. RIPE....when cheese is perfect

Join us for the Australian Cheese Movement.


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