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This Is Us

Roquefort? Tallegio? Comte? Gorgonzola? No thanks!

Iconic European cheese that you WILL NOT find at RIPE.


We are exclusively Aussie, and we offer only the best cheese, crackers and condiments that this amazing country has to offer. Our key principle is to only support small local Australian producers in everything we do.


RIPE is co-owned and helmed by Singapore-born cheesemonger Hakim, who has called Australia home since 2011. A digital marketer by trade and lover of all things food, he spent time in the food industry before starting his career as a Cheesemonger in 2017 at a deli at the iconic Queen Vic Market. He soon realised no-one at the Market was showcasing Australian cheese so he bought his own shop and created Ripe Cheese in 2019, the first and only all-Australian cheese shop in the world.


In 2023, Ripe moved to a bigger location within the Market (Shop 61-65 Dairy Hall) and expanded into delicious deli sandwiches and all-Australian free-range meats and

charcuterie under the banner &Cured.


Oh, did we mention Hakim is also lactose intolerant but still loves eating Australian cheese!

Goes to show that life is too short to not enjoy great cheese.

RIPE has more than 50 varieties of Australian cheese from small, family-owned, artisan cheesemakers. More than half the products are locally made in Victoria while the rest are produced in neighbouring states which significantly reduces the transportation carbon footprint compared to air and sea freight of international cheese. One of our core philosophies is to ensure cheese continues to be made from Australian milk therefore supporting Australia's dairy farmers and ensuring our dairy industry remains prosperous.


We have also created (what we think) is Melbourne's best triple-cheese "Toastie" and the winter-only phenomenon that is Melbourne's Most Truffle'd Toastie. You must also try our fresh daily sandwiches made on our premises that are both healthy and delicious!

At RIPE, we strive to offer you the perfect cheese, at the perfect time, for the perfect occasion. RIPE....when cheese is perfect

Join us for the Australian Cheese Movement.

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