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The Cheese Social

In Australia, a cheese platter isn't just about the cheese—it's a centrepiece for socialising and connection. Picture this: friends gathered around a beautifully arranged platter, sharing stories, laughter, and, of course, delicious bites of cheese.


Building a cheese platter is a collaborative effort. From selecting the cheeses and accompaniments to arranging them just right, everyone gets involved. It's a shared experience that brings people together and sparks conversation. The diversity of cheese flavours and accompaniments spark discussion as people share their favourites and discover new flavours together.

The relaxed atmosphere around a cheese platter is the perfect setting for meaningful conversations and forging connections.

Ripe's founder Hakim Halim is a huge believer of this. Moving to Melbourne 14 years ago by himself, he used his traditional foods and eventually cheese to build connections with new friends and relationships. These shared experiences were crucial for his happiness living in Melbourne. 

You could be new to Melbourne or even want to learn more about Australian cheese and how to create your own cheese platter, a session with The Cheese Social will help! This 3 hour class held at Dairy Hall, Queen Victoria Market on a Wednesday will cover:

1) Introduction to cheese and the Australian cheese culture,

2) Introduction to the key Australian cheesemakers and producers,

3) How to selecting and converse about cheese,

4) Taste 6-8 Australian cheeses,

4) Pairing of cheese with beverages and/or your local condiments (e.g. chilli oil, kimchi, sauerkraut, etc) &

5) Curating your very own cheeseboard. 

This interactive class will be suitable for all who are interested to learn more about cheese and its function to build connections. You can now start booking your spot using the button below. 

*International students are eligible for a 50% discount courtesy of the City of Melbourne.

You must present your student card/ID upon arrival to validate your discount.

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  • Connecting through cheese

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