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The Most Amazing Goat Cheese Babka

I love Holy Goat La Luna with all my heart because it turned me into a goat cheese loving person. I also love babka - layers of soft bread intertwined with either chocolate or cinnamon sugar.

So one day I thought why not combine both into one (minus the chocolate and cinnamon sugar)! This recipe is easy to follow and worth the effort. The final result is savoury, goaty, creamy and DELICIOUS that is perfect for breakfast, or an afternoon snack.


1 sachet instant yeast 160ml warm water 2 cups all purpose flour 1tsp fine salt 2tbs extra virgin olive oil 1tsp black pepper 1 stalk scallion finely sliced 200g La Luna (or any soft goat cheese)

Steps 1) Mix yeast and water and let bubble for 10mins (this must bubble, if not the bread won’t rise and be fluffy) 2) In a stand mixer with a dough hook, mix the flour, salt, oil and yeast mix on medium speed for 5 mins. Dough must be elastic and there won’t be any dough residue on the sides of bowl. (If not using a stand mixer, knead using hands on a flat surface for 10mins) 3) Cover dough with tea towel and let rise at room temperature for 2hrs or until double in size. 4) Use a fork and mix the cheese, scallion and pepper until smooth. 5) Roll our dough on a floured surface into a rough square of 40x40cm. 6) Spread the cheese mixture evenly from edge to edge. 7) Roll the dough tightly into a log. Cut the log in half, and braid it by putting one length over and under. Pinch the ends. It should look like this:

8) Place dough in a bread baking thin and let rise for 30mins. (You can divide the dough into 2 tins or fold it in half to fit into 1 tin) 9) Bake in a 200c preheated oven for 35mins and golden. 10) Brush the top with more olive oil to make it glossy. Enjoy while it’s hot or at room temperature.

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