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5 Soft Aussie Cheeses that are better than D’affinois

We know everyone loves D’affinois cheese because of its creamy flavour and signature ooze, but did you know there are so many great Australian cheeses that are just as delicious – if not better?

At Ripe Cheese, we believe in supporting local and celebrating the amazing cheese producers we have right here in our own backyard. From Berrys Creek luscious Buffalo Brie to Holy Goat’s La Luna, read on to discover 5 mouth-watering soft cheeses that are going to change your entire perspective – and remember: just because it’s French doesn’t mean it’s best!

Ash Brie from Woombye Cheese

Created using their Triple Cream Brie, Woombye Cheese’s Ash Brie is a sight to behold. Like its namesake, the brie is carefully rolled in ash during the maturation process, resulting in a peppery appearance and a smoky flavour.

Similar to their traditional brie, this is a soft cheese, paired perfectly with crackers and sweet figs – plus, the remarkable colour is a great addition to any cheese board.

Woombye Cheese was founded by Graeme and Karen Paynter in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, and although Graeme is no longer with them, the Paynter family still carries on the name and is 100% family owned. They also recently won the Champion Title for White Mould Cheese in the Australian Grand Dairy Awards in 2020.

Purchase it via our website, here.

La Luna from Holy Goat

Ann-Marie Monda and Carla Meurs both have an agricultural background – not only via education, but also working on goat cheese farms both within Western Australia and Europe.

Starting in 1999 in Loire Valley, they began with only a herd of three goats. Today, they have over a hundred, but their motto of delivering delicious cheese still rings true with their barrels and rinds.

As the cheese has lactic fermentation, it results in a creamy and tart goat’s cheese similar to that of a chevre. This nutty, citrusy and full-bodied variety pairs perfectly with a crisp glass of red and a handful of nuts – or just by itself. All their cheeses are also certified by the NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia). It is no surprise that this is the best goat’s cheese in Australia.

To purchase La Luna, click here.

Extravagant from L’artisan

Being a three-generation French cheese maker is sure to produce the finest stuff, and Matthieu Megard knows no bounds when it comes to spectacular cheese making. Based on the Great Ocean Road, Matthieu set out to produce rustic cheeses, like their Extravagant Triple Cream Brie, while paying homage to some of the French greats.

Using organic milk from hand-selected farms in the South West of Victoria, this soft and creamy texture is perfect for lazy summer afternoons with a glass of champagne close by.

To purchase Extravagant, click here.

Nightwalker from Stone & Crow

Jack Holman has set up his micro-dairy in the heart of the Yarra Valley with Rob Dolan Wines. The namesake of this cheese occurred when Jack was out for a walk with some of his friends in the evening and asked them to try his new velvety creation. They loved it, and so, it was named the Nightwalker. We can confirm that it is, in fact, perfect for both night and day.

Created from a singular herd of Friesian and Jersey cows results in a silky-smooth rind-washed cheese perfect for pairing with beer, ciders or a crisp white wine. Being punchy in flavour, the Nightwalker is a great addition to fruit platters or can even be paired with sweeter bites such as marmalade or dates.

To purchase Nightwalker, click here.

Buffalo Brie from Berry’s Creek

The best blue cheesemaker in the country expanded their repertoire to include this delicious buffalo brie.

Made from the Buffalo grazing on the Sunrise Plains East Gippsland property, the Berry’s Creek Buffalo Brie is one of a kind. With 30% more fat than cow's milk, this cheese is luscious and delectable on your palette. It starts off buttery before the maturing allows the pate to break down and oozes onto your cheeseboard.

To purchase Buffalo Brie, click here.

Which of these Australian cheeses are next on your platter? Let us know in the comments.

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