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Top 5 Cheeses made in Australia

Probably the most common question we get at the shop....

“What is your favourite cheese?”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, being a cheesemonger and picking your favourite cheese is like picking a favourite child, you just can’t do it.

With the limited space we have at the shop, it also means that each cheese we decide to showcase has passed our taste test (tough gig, I know 😉) and usually comes with a story that has a place in our hearts.

Whilst I truly do think it is impossible to pick the five best cheeses, here are five cheeses you MUST try if you have not had the pleasure of doing so yet.

The following list is a mix of current staff favourites, award winners, and best sellers at the shop. BUT if you ask us again in a couple of months, I’m sure this list will be different!!

Moyarra Reserve by Prom Country

If you are after a raw milk cheese, it is hard to go past this beauty. A raw sheep milk cheese made in southeast Gippsland that is the first of its kind in Victoria. Matured for 6 months, this cheese has a unique, multi-layered flavour thanks to the local ewe’s milk that is able to shine through the rare cheese-making process.

La Luna by Holy Goat

A staff and customer favourite here. You might be familiar with this cheese, often dubbed one of the best goat cheeses in the country. This soft goat cheese has a creamy texture with citrus, and nutty notes. La Luna’s complex flavours can be attributed to the native bush and pastures which the goats roam.

A relatively new addition to the Ripe family, however this cheese took no time to develop a cult like following at the shop. Cheddar lovers swear by this rich 4-year aged cheese, so much so that we had to keep ordering more wheels just to keep up! This cheddar is made with a traditional technique, with a traditional recipe, giving intense flavours of caramel and tanginess – oh and did I mention the crunch of salt crystals? Even if cheddar may not be your thing, I encourage you to give this a go, it’s just that good.

Riverine Blue by Berry’s Creek

It’s hard to mention an Australian blue cheese without also mentioning one of Barry Charlton’s creations. Riverine Blue’s rarity comes from the fact it uses buffalo milk from a local herd grazing in Gippsland. Buffalo milk has creamy characteristics, making this cheese a perfect choice when trying to please a crowd – not too offensive for first time blue eaters, but blue lovers will still love it!

Aged La Dame by Barossa Cheese co.

This is definitely a cheese that slips through the radar of even our most loyal customers. A semi hard goat milk cheese that is like no other Australian cheese, the Aged La Dame is matured over 4 years in South Australia where it develops its flaky texture, and sweet and savoury flavours. This cheese can be hard to find in Victoria, so if you do happen to stumble across it (maybe at our shop 😉), be sure to take some of this rare cheese home!

If this list has sparked your adventurous side, check out our RIPE subscription box!

It's packed with 4 different cheeses each month and is the perfect way to explore the best of what Australian cheese has to offer!

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