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Here's why you should add Australian cheese to your cheeseboard this Christmas!

There is something special about getting together with friends and family and tucking into your favourite cheeses. This summer, we’re highlighting some of the wonderful reasons to add Australian cheese to your celebrations during December and into the summer season. After all, who doesn’t love a grazing platter and a glass of wine on a sunny day?

You’ll support our Aussie farmers. Did you know that over 50% of Australian Dairy is exported overseas? We produce over nine billion litres of milk per year as a nation – which is pretty remarkable for such a small country! However, why is it that not many people grab a wedge of Aussie blue when they’re shopping? We want to show you that our famers can compete with the big cheesemakers overseas and equally deserve a spot on your cheese board.

It’ll give you a chance to support small and shop local. By shopping with us, you are supporting our whole community – including the farmers who manage livestock, care for the dairy cows, goats and buffalos, and our cheesemongers who make the tasty cheddar, brie and blue. This is one of the reasons we started RIPE – we love seeing the joy and positive impact that shopping small has on our whole community.

Finally, you can discover something new! We have over fifty different varieties of Australian cheese available at our store for you to enjoy. If you’re craving something new, taste our Berry’s Creek Buffalo Brie, or bite into a traditional cloth bound cheddar from the Bay of Fires in Tasmania. Want to have a bit of everything? We also offer a range of delicious grazing hampers, so you don’t have to fight over the last slice. Adding variety to your cheeseboard is a great way to mix it up this festive season – and although we do love our European counterparts, we think there’s definitely space for both on your grazing platter.

To get you started, why don’t you try Victorian Parmesan from Symons’ Organic or a velvety Triple Cream Brie from L’artisan?

What is your favourite Australian cheeses that you have discovered? Let us know which ones you’ll be indulging in this summer.

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