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You can now order our famous RIPE toastie online and have them delivered to your home. It comes in packs of 2 untoasted, so you will have to toast them within 3 days of receiving them. Pick-up is not available for toasties on Monday & Wednesday.


Each toastie has oozy gooey mozzarella, sharp cheddar, a smear of blue and caramelised champagne leeks in between buttered sourdough with a side of cornichons (pickles).


How to toast at home:

With a Sandwich Press Set your sandwich press to 220C or medium/high setting.

Place the toastie with the paper on and toast for 6-7mins or until golden brown and all the cheese are melted.


On a Stove Top:

Heat up a pan over medium heat. Place the toastie on the hot pan and apply constant pressure using a spatula for 3 mins.

Flip to toast the other side for another 3-4mins.


$99 minimum order required for delivery.

The RIPE Toasties - TWIN Pack

  • Pick up not available on Monday & Wednesday.

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